Microbiological quality

Microbiological quality and bioactivity characterization of raw materials and formulations

Labfit possesses a microbe library of the ATCC© collection of microorganism strains and isolates of clinical specimens with different susceptibility antibiotic profiles, allowing its use to ascertain the bioactivity of the compounds or our customer’s formulations.
Microbiological quality: ISO rules and European Pharmacopoeia 8th ed.
- Bacteria counting
- Fungi and yeast counting
- Determination of total aerobic / aerobics
- Search for specific pathogens: E-coli; S. aureus; P. aeruginosa; C. albicans; Salmonella; Gram negative bacilli; total coliforms count; Enterobacteriaceae.
- Search for non-specific pathogens and recognition by biochemical evidence and PCR diagnostics
- Sterility testing
Challenge test: preservative challenge test (ISO rules and European Pharmacopoeia 8th ed.)
Bioburden – Determination of a population of microorganisms on products (ISO 11737-1)
Microbiological quality