Mission and Values

Labfit's mission is to:

• Develop and transfer knowledge in response to the needs of the pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, medical devices and biocides sector identified in the market;
•Provide services of excellence in quality control and characterization of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and body care and medical devices, biocides and textiles in accordance with the legislation and standards;
• Generate innovative solutions that satisfy our customers, guaranteeing a quality service, based on the competence of the entire team.

Labfit invests in the continuous qualification and specialization of its human resources and in the reinforcement of a structured network of work and valorization of scientific knowledge. Its values are intertwined with Quality, present in a portfolio of excellence, highly robust and reliable; in Innovation, translated into Labfit's contribution to new products in the market; in Social Responsibility, attentive to the individuality of each member of its team (nuclear or extended) and the idiosyncrasies of the local base that welcomes it; and in motivation, involving, captivating, compromising and recognizing the merit of each human resource involved in each of its projects, in parallel to its valorization through the promotion of continuous specialized training.

Quality and Excellence

Confidenciality and client commitment

Specialization and Innovation

Creation of partnerships

Continuous improvement

Team spirit and Motivation