LABFIT obtains INFARMED licensing for R&D in medicinal cannabis

by Admin for Company 18 March, 2024
LABFIT obtains INFARMED licensing for R&D in medicinal cannabis

Since 2018, the Portuguese government made legal the industrial production of cannabis for medicinal purposes. INFARMED, the Portuguese authority for medical drugs has been licensing companies for the production and R&D of medicinal cannabis.
These companies have to undergo a rigorous process of validation and LABFIT – HPRD, Lda. has now met all the requirements, thus placing itself at the forefront of innovation, with the accreditation to develop R&D activities for controlled substances.
This process includes development and validation of analytical methods for qualification of extracts or finished product, in vitro efficacy and safety assessment tests as well as final product development.
We are a reference partner to the market, as we have added to the INFARMED licensing, the recognition of good laboratory practices (GLP) and the SIFIDE - Tax Incentive System for R&D Business recognition of suitability – from the National Innovation Agency.
LABFIT – HPRD, Lda. is also a partner company in the "Healthtechportugal" #testbed network.
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