Chemical characterization

Chemical characterization of raw materials and formulations

Determination of water content by the Karl Fischer method
Texture measurement (internal method)
Viscosity, needle viscometer (European Pharmacopoeia)
Viscosity, cone/plate viscometer – rheometer (European Pharmacopoeia)
Osmolality (Internal method)
Buffering capacity (Internal method)
Dissolution testing of solid pharmaceutical forms
Dosing and identification of compounds by HPLC and GC-MS methods (preservatives, dye, nitrosamines and pesticides)
Disintegration testing in pills and capsules
Caracterização química
Caracterização química

Chemical characterization of raw materials and formulations

Absolut and relative density (European Pharmacopoeia)
Water Content measurement (Karl Fischer method/ Internal method)
Determination of PH values (Electrometric /Internal method)
Acid value (European Pharmacopoeia)
Hydroxyl value (European Pharmacopoeia)
Peroxide value (European Pharmacopoeia)
Saponifiable value (European Pharmacopoeia)
Content of unsaponifiable value (European Pharmacopoeia)
Iodine value (European Pharmacopoeia)
Dry extract (European Pharmacopoeia)
Hydrogen peroxide dosing (volumetric/ Internal method)
Cyanides dosing (molecular absorption spectrophotometry/Internal method)
Vapour density calculation (densimetry/Internal method)
Caracterização química
Caracterização química

Analytical characterization of raw materials and formulations

Dosing of preservatives (HPLC-DAD /Internal method)
Dosing of solar filters (HPLC-DAD /Internal method)
Development and validation of analytic methods for the quantification of substances (HPLC-DAD, LC-MS, GC-MS) according to the International Conference Harmonisation (ICH).
Support to the implementation of analytic methods of detection and quantification of compounds, according to the ICH.
Caracterização química