About us


LABFIT is a Portuguese company based in UBIMEDICAL - a health business incubator of Beira Interior University (Covilhã) – with strong links to the university background knowledge.

It has been created in 2012 by two pharmaceutical researchers of the Centro de Investigação em Ciências da Saúde (CICS-UBI), a health and science research centre. It’s a company that promotes scientific knowledge specialized in rendering services of excellence focused in different areas of the manufacturing and transformation industries. Labfit operates in the national and international markets rendering services product characterization and quality control and as well as R&D (research & development) of pharmaceutical products.

Our R&D activity has produced patented innovative products for the pharmaceutical market that stand as a disruptive strategy in the treatment of topical affections and symptoms relief.

LABFIT provides an interesting set of laboratorial tests, including alternatives to the use of animal testing, in a clear commitment to the 3R’s policies and conformity to the current legislation for cosmetics.

Its activity is certified since 2014 for total quality according to the ISO 9001 standard and in 2015, the NP4457 standard has also recognized the expertise of its research, development and innovation along with the ISO13485 standard that acknowledges our skills in the development and characterization of medical devices